In historic first, AMU gets woman VC

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Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University has got a permanent Vice Chancellor. Prof. Naima Khatoon has been made the new VC of AMU. Before this, her husband Muhammad Gulrez had been the acting Vice Chancellor of the University.

Principal and acting Vice Chancellor of Women’s College of AMU, Prof. Mohammad Gulrez’s wife Prof. Naima Khatoon has been made the Vice Chancellor. AMU Court had sent three names to the President, in which Prof. MU Rabbani, Prof. Naima Khatoon, Prof. Faizan Mustafa were prominent. Of these, Prof. Naima Khatoon has been made the Vice Chancellor of AMU. Prof Naima Khatoon is the first woman Vice-Chancellor in the 103-year history of AMU.

Pro. Tariq Mansoor had resigned from the post of Vice Chancellor. His tenure was till 17 May 2023. Co-Vice Chancellor Prof. Mohammad Gulrez was given the responsibility of the post of Vice Chancellor.

These are those who have been the Vice Chancellor of AMU

Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khan, Sahibzada Aftab Ahmed Khan, Nawab Mohammad Muzammilullah Khan Sherwani, Ross Masood, Zia Uddin Ahmed, Sir Shah Mohammad Suleman, Zia Uddin Ahmed, Zahid Hussain, Nawab Mohammad Ismail Khan, Zakir Hussain, Bashir Hussain Zaidi, Badruddin Tyabji, Ali Yawar Jang, Abdul Aleem, AM Khusro, Syed Hamid, Syed Hasim Ali, MN Farooqui, Mahmoodur Rahman, Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Naseem Ahmed, PK Abdul Aziz, Lt. Zameer Uddin Shah, Prof. Tariq Mansoor.

About Professor Naima Khatoon

Professor Naima Khatoon was appointed as a lecturer in the Psychology Department of AMU in August 1988. She has been an Associate Professor since April 1998 and a Professor since July 2006. Professor Naima Khatoon became the principal of the women’s college in July 2014. She taught for a year at the National University of Rwanda in Central Africa. Professor Naima Khatoon holds a PhD degree in Political Psychology. She is also currently serving as the Director of Center for Skill Development and Career Planning, AMU, Aligarh since October, 2015.

She has also visited and lectured at Louisville University, United States, University of Alba Iulia, Romania, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Hollings Centre, Istanbul, Turkey and Hollings Center for International Studies. She has written, co-written and edited six books. She was elected twice to the Women’s College Students’ Union. She has also held the position of Literary Secretary and Senior Hall Monitor of Abdullah Hall and Sarojini Naidu Hall. She was awarded the Papa Mian Padma Bhushan Best Girl Award for her all-round excellence.


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