Monthly Horoscope: What your stars predict for you this July ?

Aries – People don’t give you enough credit. You can be fiercely independent (and even a little combative), but there’s something to be said about your initiative and bravery when it comes to doing things others wouldn’t dare.

Taurus – Sometimes it may feel like the whole world depends on you. Your commitment to your work and those around you is something to be proud of, but you’ve got to lift your head up from the grind every so often.

Gemini – Now that summer’s here, you may be restless for exploration and adventure — so much so that others might find it hard to keep up with you. We admire your desire to Do All The Things, but you should consider focusing in on just one.

Cancer – There’s never been a better time than now to put yourself out there, Cancer. Your season is in full swing, so challenge yourself to get out of your head and do something a little adventurous. Your first instinct tends to be retreating within yourself.

Leo – We know you’re just so ready for the end of this month when you can be celebrated in all your glory, but don’t make the mistake of rushing through July. This month, be mindful of where you’re directing all of that energy and influence you have.

Virgo – Haven’t you been a little hard on yourself lately, Virgo? Stop thinking about all of the things you haven’t done yet, and start thinking about the positive impact that you make each day. Your attention to detail is admirable, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture happening right beneath your feet.

Libra – If we were all as accommodating as you, the world would certainly be a better place. We just hope you remember to show yourself the same amount of compassion this summer. Don’t get bogged down in trying to make all the right choices or say all the right things.

Scorpio – You can be a little cutthroat sometimes. There’s no shame in wanting to do things to the best of your ability, just make sure you’re taking care of yourself and others while you’re at it. We know you’re strong – no need to be constantly proving it.

Sagittarius –  You’re a bit of a wild child. Personal freedom and constant activity are important to you, and sometimes that can mean setting off to somewhere new on a moment’s notice. Summer is the perfect time for escaping your routine.

Capricorn – All work and no play is not a sustainable lifestyle — especially during the summer! Few have the kind of discipline and ambition that you do, but sometimes you forget that you’re allowed to take breaks or ask for help when you need it. Make an effort to cut loose this month!

Aquarius – There seems to be something in you, that urges you to stand out from the crowd and forge your own path. Embrace your eccentricities this month, and encourage others to do the same — keeping in mind that what you may see as independence, others may interpret as standoffishness.

Pisces – Pisces, thank you for approaching all that you do with an open mind. You’re able to adapt to all sorts of situations, so the possibilities for this summer are limitless.


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