Yogi Adityanath says India’s overall demeanour changing

Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that development work has been done under the Bharatiya Janata Party government as per the aspirations of the people. This has been seen for the first time in the country. The amazing coordination of development and heritage is the identity of PM Modi. Amazing work has been done in this direction.

He (Yogi Adityanath) said when these issues are discussed, public response is received. The issues that have received the most public support are infrastructure. Today the number of highways in the country has doubled. Before 2014, there were 74 airports, today their number is more than 150. Only 1 AIIMS was built during the time of Congress. During Atal ji’s government, 6 new AIIMS were established. During Modi ji’s tenure their number has increased to 22. Similarly, IIT, IIM, expansion of Triple IT and One District One Medical College are telling the new story of development. CM Yogi was talking to the media on Monday.

Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that for the first time respect for heritage has also been seen in the country. Vishwanath Dham in Kashi, Mahalok in Mahakal, revival of Kedarpuri, Badrinath and Somnath temples and end of 500 wait in Ayodhya and re-establishment of Lord Shri Ram. Along with this, all these cities have also been rejuvenated.

Earlier in Kashi, 50 people could not have darshan together. Even if 50 thousand come today, there is no problem. If 500 people used to come to Ayodhya, a crisis would arise, today even if 5 lakh people come, there is no problem.

CM Yogi said that we have seen a new form in the centers related to faith. If this amazing coordination of heritage and development has been seen in the country today because of the vision and strong will of one great man, then it has been possible under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The public is giving full support to these issues.

He expressed confidence that this support will again turn into a blessing to form a government with a strong majority under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Once again the voice of Modi government is resonating across the country. The general public is again going to form the government with full majority under the leadership of Modi.


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