Viscera test report rubbishes Mukhtar poisoning angle

Banda: Recently, a big news has come to light regarding the death of Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari in Banda jail. Mukhtar’s viscera test was done, in which no poison was found. The viscera test report has currently been handed over to the judicial team. Now the investigation team will prepare a complete report and submit it to higher officials. Mukhtar Ansari’s family members had accused officials of poisoning him in jail, after which administrative and judicial investigation was started in this regard. Besides, the viscera test report was also sent to the lab, now the viscera test report has come out, in which poison has not been confirmed.

According to the information, even in the viscera test report of Mukhtar Ansari, poison has not been confirmed. At the same time, even in the post mortem report after death, it was not said that death was due to poison. Later his viscera was sent to the Forensic Lab in Lucknow for examination. Now its investigation report has also been given to the judicial investigation team.

Earlier with regard to the death of Mafia Ansari, UP DGP Prashant Kumar had also said that Mukhtar Ansari died due to heart attack. The DGP had said that Mukhtar Ansari was ill for a long time and was admitted to the hospital for better treatment.

Brother and son had made allegations

Mafia Mukhtar (Mukhtar Ansari) died on March 28 after illness, when he was in Banda jail. After this, MP Bhai Afzal Ansari, on behalf of the mafia family, had alleged that he was killed by poisoning, after which a magistrate and judicial team was formed.

How is the viscera test report done?

While the post-mortem report is prepared by a doctor or a team of doctors, the viscera is examined by a chemical examiner – in this, many types of chemical tests are done in which an attempt is made to find out whether the death of the person was due to any reason. Whether it was caused by poisonous substance or not.


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