Weekly Horoscope: April 14 to April 20, 2024

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Aries– A sudden increase in expenditure at the beginning of the week will create a strange fear in your mind. Health issues can trouble you. Everything will improve in the middle of the week.

Taurus – Having more than one source of income will give you satisfaction and you will not struggle too much to do more. You can plan to invest your income somewhere, which will happen in the middle of the week.

Gemini – There will be focus on career in the beginning of the week. You may have to face some problems, which will take some time to solve. Some problems may also arise from family members during this time. The middle of the week will be very good.

Cancer– The ongoing disappointment in work will go away. Stuck work will be completed. Time will be weak in terms of health. You will get success in your career in the middle of the week. There will be chances of promotion.

Leo – The beginning of the week will be challenging. There may be a possibility of weakness in health and injury and ongoing work may get stuck. Do not take any big decision.

Virgo – The beginning of the week will be good. The ongoing challenges in married life will reduce. You will have to talk openly about this with your partner. New contacts will be added to the business.

Libra – The beginning of the week will be weak. Health will bother you. There will be pain and discomfort in the eyes. Avoid quarreling with anyone at work. Expenditures will be high.

Scorpio– A new affair may start. Your income will be good. There will be a situation of changing jobs. You will have full strength on the job in the middle of the week. Career will gain strength.

Sagittarius – Challenging family situations may cause trouble. The health of an elder member of the family may deteriorate. There will be a chance for job change in the middle of the week. Love life will improve.

Capricorn– You can party with friends in the beginning of the week. Can go travelling. There will be support from brothers also. Avoid speaking rudely to anyone.

Aquarius– There will be a possibility of eating good dishes in the beginning of the week. There will be movement of people in the family. There may be a party. You can go on a pilgrimage with family.

Pisces – More than one task will come to mind but completing them on time will be a challenge. Attention will have to be paid to health. Strength in speech in the middle of the week will be helpful in completing every work.


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