Weekly Horoscope: 12 May to 18 May, 2024

Aries- This week, employees will get full support from all seniors and juniors in the office. Due to disputes related to land and property, you may have to make rounds of the court.

Taurus – In the middle of the week, you will get the support of people both at home and outside, with the help of which you will be able to achieve the desired success in your work.

Gemini – This week will prove to be favorable for you from the point of view of love relationship. You may also get a gift from your lover. Married life will remain happy.

Cancer – This week you will get full support from the government. Those doing business abroad will get desired profits. This time will prove to be auspicious.

Leo – This week you will be more active on social media platforms. Most of the time of youth can be spent in online gaming and making reels.

Virgo – There may be differences of opinion with brothers and sisters while taking any major decision related to family. This week, students’ minds may deviate from studies.

Libra – If you were worried about some problem for a long time, then it will persist for the time being and you will have to wait for a while for its solution.

Scorpio- Love life will be great this week. You will get an opportunity to spend quality time with your love partner. Keep your lifestyle right.

Sagittarius- Do not ignore health related problems. This week will be good for the employees. Income will increase. It will be beneficial if you take advice from experienced and trustworthy people.

Capricorn- Youth preparing for competitive exams may get good news. This week is good from career point of view. You will get desired profits in business.

Aquarius- Those who were looking for a good opportunity may receive a mail for a good job. This time is going to be very favorable for you professionally.

Pisces- This time is good for love life. You will have a good time with your love partner. There will be happiness in marital life. There may be some difficulty in taking life related decisions.


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