When Ma Ganga calls, Modi rallies

Narendra Modi

Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached the city to file nomination for the Varanasi parliamentary seat for the third consecutive time, held a mega road show on Monday evening. A large number of people gathered to participate in the road show organized by BJP. In PM Modi’s road show, a glimpse of entire India is visible with Shehnai of South, Dhunki of Bengali society and Dandiya of Gujarat along with Dhak instrument.

The sky echoed with deafening slogans of Modi-Modi

Prime Minister Modi started the road show by garlanding the huge statue of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya located at Singh Dwar Lanka of BHU. The Prime Minister, who was taking part in the road show, wore a saffron colored kurta and white sadri.

State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was also present along with Prime Minister Modi on the chariot of the road show. When the Prime Minister’s chariot moved forward from Lanka amid a crowd of lakhs, people gave him a grand welcome in a royal style amid blowing of conch shells and shower of flowers, like a victorious hero. People’s passion towards Prime Minister Modi was once seen in a road show. The sky echoed with the deafening slogans of Modi-Modi. The Prime Minister kept accepting the greetings of the people with folded hands.

PM welcomed amid conch shell blowing and shower of flowers
Amidst deafening slogans of Modi-Modi, BJP workers played drums and showered rose petals on the Prime Minister. Seeing the enthusiasm of women workers and citizens, the Prime Minister’s convoy also moved forward slowly. In the Prime Minister’s road show, 500 youth and 500 matriarchs were marching ahead from the BHU entrance. The Prime Minister reached entrance number four of Vishwanath Dham from BHU Singh Gate via Ravidas Gate, Assi, Shivala, Madanpura, Godaulia. The culture of Mini India and Uttar Pradesh was visible in the about six kilometer long road show.

He was welcomed with conch shells, sound of drums and chanting of mantras all along the way. At various places, artists from Banaras congratulated the Batuks with cultural programmes, folk dances, singing folk songs and Vedic mantras along with the beats of drums. Under the leadership of VV Sundaram Shastri, women are performing Bharatnatyam at Sonarpura, Pandehaveli Road. Along with the Vedic mantras, Nadash Saram, considered the Shehnai of South India, and Dhunki and Dhak musical instruments of Bengali society also resonated. Glimpses of Dandiya and Garba were also seen. The family members of Bharatratna Ustad Bismillah Khan created a different atmosphere by playing Shehnai near Madanpura.


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