Sense of calm missing under current regime says Dimple Yadav

Dimple Yadav

Azamgarh: Samajwadi Party leader Dimple Yadav fiercely targeted the BJP in an election rally in Azamgarh. She said that in 10 years of BJP rule a sense of calm is missing  everywhere. As the Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav worked to give a new dimension to the development of the district.

He said that SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has made Dharmendra Yadav a candidate from here to take forward the development of Azamgarh. This election is an election to change and save the Constitution.

He further said that inflation and unemployment have increased in this government. At the same time, the business of traders has been ruined. Farmers are in a bad condition. In such a situation, the people of Azamgarh are appealed to play an important role in the formation of the new government by making the Indi alliance candidate win in this election.

She further said that Azamgarh has always been a stronghold of socialists. This has been Netaji’s karmabhoomi. Netaji always considered Azamgarh as his heart. The Samajwadi Party government has contributed to the development of Azamgarh.

Dimple Yadav said that today the youth is struggling on the streets to get employment. The country has become economically weak. In such a situation, the BJP, which is dreaming of forming the government for the third time, has to be shown the way out of power. The present government, which talks of changing the Constitution, has no right to remain in power.


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