Will Nikki Haley become Trump’s running mate ?

Nikki Haley

Washington: Nikki Haley, who is the biggest challenger to former President Donald Trump in the primary of the race for the Republican candidate for the White House, said on Wednesday that she will vote for him.

“I will vote for Trump,” the former Indian-origin diplomat said at the Hudson Institute.

She reasoned behind this, “My priority as a voter would be to elect a president who stands behind our allies and holds our enemies to account. Who secures the border. A president who supports capitalism and freedom. “A president who understands that we have to reduce our debt.”

She said, “I have clearly said before that Trump is not true to these policies. But Biden is a complete disaster.”

Haley’s statement has intensified the discussion about her becoming Trump’s partner in the election as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Trump has kept options open by naming many people as his election partner, but has completely rejected Haley’s name.

But just as Nikki Haley has changed her views about Trump, Trump may also change his views about Haley. During the primaries, Haley even called him “mentally bankrupt.” He also advocated mental testing of presidential candidates as Trump once called Haley Nancy Polis, the former Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Current President Joe Biden was also hoping that Haley’s supporters would vote for him, but after Haley’s statement, the chances of this happening have become very less.

Trump also needs more Haley supporters to reach the presidency. Despite Haley’s exit from the race, she has received 14 percent of the votes in the Republican primary and the people whom Trump has so far put forward as his election partner as a possible Vice President do not have the charisma of Haley.


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