Rajkumar Anand launches fresh salvo against AAP government

Rajkumar Anand

New Delhi: Rajkumar Anand, who resigned from the post of Social Welfare Minister of Delhi, met Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, he said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is lodged in Tihar Jail, due to which his resignation has not been accepted. Rajkumar Anand has raised questions on the Kejriwal government.

He said that I have got work done from those officers, who have been accused by the Aam Aadmi Party that these officers are in cahoots with the BJP and do not work.

He said that I got those officers to make a scheme for those people who cannot get up from bed. I talked to the officials and made a scheme for providing an attendant and minimum wages to more than 80 percent disabled people. We got everything done and sent the file to the Chief Minister for signing, which is still pending.

Rajkumar Anand is an Indian businessman and politician from Delhi who belonged to Aam Aadmi Party before resigning. He is a member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. He represents Patel Nagar. Raj is married to a woman named Veena Anand.

Anand completed postgraduate studies in political science from Bundelkhand University in 1989. He was elected as a member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly from Patel nagar on 11 February 2020.On 4 June 2020 Raj and his brother tested positive for Coronavirus. He was an asymptomatic case and he would be home quarantined. He was elected as a member of the 7th Delhi Assembly in 2020. Anand was part of the Committee on Government Undertakings.


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