535 licensed weapons confiscated in poll season

licensed weapons

Lucknow: The Election Commission is serious about maintaining law and order in Uttar Pradesh. From March 16 to April 30, 535 licensed weapons of criminals were confiscated by the police department. Licenses of 4,694 licensed weapons were cancelled and deposited.

State Chief Election Officer Navdeep Rinwa said that on April 30, the licenses of 2 licensed weapons of criminals were cancelled and deposited by the police department. Taking preventive action under the CrPC, 25,514 people were banned. Also, 167 unlicensed weapons, 127 cartridges were recovered and seized.

He said that 438 interstate check posts and 1,827 check posts are operating within the state for intensive investigation. Similarly, notices have been issued to ban 26,27,735 people on the apprehension of breach of peace, out of which 22,36,435 people have been banned.

Apart from this, the police department recovered and seized 8,317 unlicensed weapons, 8,384 cartridges, 2900.32 kg of explosives and 455 bombs. The police raided 3,559 centers manufacturing illegal weapons and seized 157 centers.

The final voting figures for the first two phases of the Lok Sabha elections are in. Amid criticism from Opposition parties over the delay in releasing turnout data, the Election Commission Tuesday announced 66.14% polling for the first phase and 66.71% for the second phase — a drop of just under 4 percentage points for the first phase and under 3 percentage points for the second phase compared to the 2019 elections.

The 102 seats of the first phase registered roughly 70% turnout in 2019 and 83 of 88 seats that voted in phase two — five seats in Assam went through delimitation and have, therefore, not been factored in the comparison — saw 69.64% voting in the last Parliamentary polls.


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