Post 30, your skincare needs increase


Lucknow: The skin of the face is very soft. That is why it always needs more care. Especially when you cross the age of 30, include some homemade things in your skin care routine to make your skin look young and youthful. Due to which not only will premature ageing appear on your face, nor will you have to waste more money on expensive treatments. So let’s know which are those skin care methods that should definitely be tried at home. Especially those people who are having dark spots on their face and their skin is becoming dry. Because dry skin loses its elasticity rapidly and the skin becomes loose. Due to which wrinkles and fine lines start appearing.

Aloe vera gel is a companion of the skin

If you are not allergic to aloe vera gel, then definitely include it in your skin care routine. This kvass not only cools the skin but also tries to reduce the bad effects of any chemical on the skin. Whether it is hydrating the skin or refreshing the skin, the name of aloe vera gel remains at the top. Therefore, apply aloe vera gel directly on the face daily and wash the face after about ten to fifteen minutes. It hydrates the skin.

Apply natural sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is very important. But if you want, you can make chemical free sunscreen at home. Mix coconut oil, shea butter and zinc oxide and keep it aside. Apply this mixture. This will help protect the skin from the sun.

Remove dead skin

Make sure to remove the layer of dead skin accumulating on the skin. Make a natural scrub to remove it. Mix rice flour and curd thoroughly and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Apply this natural scrub on the face and massage with light hands after five minutes. This will easily remove the dirt and dead skin accumulated on the face. Curd will help in cleaning the skin easily and will also provide moisture. Also, the dark spots present on the skin will also gradually start reducing.


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