Playing Param Sundari in summer


Lucknow: It is difficult to carry heavy and dark outfits in the summer season. These are not very comfortable to wear. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about the perfect colors for summers, wearing which you will look cool and also feel comfortable. Nowadays, the trend of mis match fashion is also being seen. This combination of grey-green and white is absolutely perfect in the summer season. By trying this, you can create a stir anytime and anywhere in the summer season.

You will look cool. You can choose this color combination.

This summer you can try this summer look. You can wear a mustard yellow floral outfit, in which you will also feel very comfortable. Your look will look very cool in this outfit. You can choose this color combination.

To get a cool look in the summer season, Karan is looking quite cool by pairing an ivory white crochet shirt with a blue trouser. Your style statement will look great in this outfit. Apart from this, you can also pair a white shirt and grey trousers. This look looks simple but quite elegant. In this, you will get a lot of comfort along with style.


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