Summers call for comfy clothing


Lucknow: As soon as summer arrives, people start looking for comfort over style and fashion. Be it clothes or makeup, excessive layering in the scorching heat and humidity makes one feel confused and uncomfortable. That is why fashion and styling tips for summer are completely different from other seasons. In this summer, definitely follow these 5 styling tips and look stylish-

Make yourself stylish with these tips

Wear cotton or linen clothes. It absorbs sweat and helps in keeping the body temperature balanced. Air can pass through these fabrics, which makes one feel comfortable after wearing them. Do not wear polyester dupatta or stole. Wear kaftans made of flowing wavy light fabric. These come in different beautiful prints, such as floral, solid, geometric etc. Try new prints. These are comfortable as well as give you a stylish look.

Wear comfortable fitting clothes instead of tight fitting clothes. Wear clothes like crop tops, tank tops, wide leg pants, loose shirts, oversized blouses, short dresses, which do not compromise on comfort and style. Wear sleeveless or short sleeve clothes. Also, choose light coloured clothes. These reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it, which does not increase the body temperature. Give a break to denim. Denim is a very heavy fabric and if it is skinny then it heats up even more. Choose such airy pants or trousers, so that they are airy and do not stick to the legs. Do not forget to wear a big glass sunglass, which covers your entire eyes. This is a very important summer essential.

Wear accessories as less as possible. Follow the concept of less is more. Heavy accessories cause more sweat, which can make you feel confused. Therefore, you can follow ideas like a thin bracelet, watch, hoop earrings, no necklace. Wear a baseball hat, bucket hat or crown hat for special summers. Besides making the look stylish, it also protects your skin, eyes and hair from the harsh rays of the sun.


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