Lok Sabha Elections: The Minority Report

Lok Sabha Elections

Lucknow: When the Yogi government demolished the illegal property of Atiq Ahmed in Prayagraj and established a colony for the poor there, the dream of many minority women was fulfilled to have their own house. At the same time, thousands of Muslim women across the state including Akila Bano of Lucknow are also getting the benefit of destitute women pension of Yogi Government.

Be it housing, ration, marriage of daughters or education, the benefits of all the schemes of the state and central government are reaching the minority community without any discrimination. When minorities reach the polling booth to vote in the 2024 general elections, all these things will be in their minds.

The double engine government is confident that like every time, this time too a large number of women and men from the minority community will choose BJP to further strengthen the changed image of New India and New Uttar Pradesh and not those for whom they are Nothing more than vote bank.

Minorities women prayed for CM Yogi

Women from the minority community, who are getting benefits of government schemes in the state, also believe that they have got benefits without discrimination under the Yogi government. During the Corona period, when all the businesses were closed, arrangements for free ration were made by PM Modi, taking it forward, CM Yogi also provided free ration, so even during the pandemic, the kitchens of the poor minorities did not stop.

When the women were handed over the keys of their own houses, they prayed to CM Yogi and PM Modi with tearful eyes. When destitute women got the facility of pension after the death of their husbands, they also expressed their heartfelt gratitude. When women got free gas cylinders under the Ujjwala scheme, they also blessed the PM and CM wholeheartedly. It is believed that a large number of women from minority communities have been voting for BJP and this is likely to increase further in 2024, which will help in fulfilling the resolve of the government engaged in Mission 80.

Special attention is being given to children’s education

After the coming of Modi government at the Center in 2014 and the formation of Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, whatever scheme was made by the double engine government in Uttar Pradesh for the interests of the people, it was not distributed considering anyone’s religion or caste. The poor and deprived people remained at the center of these schemes, irrespective of their religion or caste. As a result, all the schemes were implemented equally and a large number of minorities are getting its benefits. The Yogi government has paid special attention to fulfilling the needs of housing and food for the minorities as well as raising their standard of living and education of children.

Under the Minorities Welfare and Waqf Department, the benefit of scholarship is being provided to the children of minorities. Under the Purva Dasham Scholarship Scheme in 2022-23, a total of 1,08,756 eligible boys and girls have been benefited against the amount of Rs 30 crore provisioned in the budget. Similarly, under the post-10th scholarship, 2,40,206 eligible boys and girls have been benefited against the amount of Rs 190 crore provisioned in the budget in 2022-23. The online application process is going on in 2023-24. Under Madrasa education, a total of 4,39,433 text books have been made available free of cost through the Basic Education Department to the students up to class 8 studying in 558 state aided Madrasas in this academic session. Students are being educated towards Artificial Intelligence.

Haj pilgrimage conducted for thousands of people

The Yogi government has also kept the Haj pilgrimage of minorities on priority. Under this, a total of 24,960 Haj pilgrims were sent on Haj in 2023 between 21 May 2023 and 19 June 2023. A total of 13,096 Haj pilgrims were sent from Lucknow and 11,864 from New Delhi. Not only this, a total of 30 Haj servants have also been sent to help the Haj pilgrims for Haj 2023. Apart from this, 304 projects were completed under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram by December 2023 and new financial approvals worth Rs 280 crore were issued.


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