Is smartphone addiction fueling autism in kids ?

Lucknow: Children who spend more time on mobile phones, TV and tablet screens are becoming victims of autism. This includes children below five years of age. They are not able to speak like normal children. Autism is a disorder in which people have difficulty developing normal social relationships. They use language unusually. Severe autism patients do not use language at all.

The trend of mobile phones has increased rapidly. The situation is such that children eat food while looking at their mobile phones. Parents also hand over mobile phones to their children to save them from mischief. Dr. Vivek Aggarwal, Chairman of KGMU Mental Health Department, says that autism is flourishing in children who are glued to screens too much. In medical science it is called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

40 to 50 children are coming every month
Dr. Vivek says that children under five years of age are spending 6 to 10 hours on screens. As a result, social, communication and behavioral challenges have arisen. Every month 40 to 50 children are coming with symptoms of virtual autism. Before the Covid pandemic, the number of such children was barely five to seven. It is a matter of relief that if children are gradually distanced from mobile phones, their mental health can improve.

They don’t like the company of others
Cancer Institute Medical Superintendent and mental illness specialist Dr. Devashish Shukla says that gadgets are being used a lot in homes. Parents are handing over mobile phones to one year old children. This time is important for the mental development of the child. Children should see others, play with them, mingle with them. It has a positive effect on health. Children have become imprisoned in their homes because of mobile phones. In such a situation, children’s visual ability, memory and interests are decreasing. Therefore, prevent the child from watching the screen for too long.


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