Full Republic status for Palestine on the cards


A huge blow to Israel, Norway-Ireland and Spain will give recognition

Tel Aviv: Israel has suffered a severe blow by attacking Hamas targets in Gaza. Three countries like Norway, Ireland and Spain have announced recognition of Palestine. Norwegian PM Jonas Gaar Storr said that it is in Israel’s interest also that a two-state solution should be achieved. This means that Israel should also be recognized as a country and similarly, Palestine divided into Gaza Strip and West Bank should also be recognized as one country. This will end the dispute and establish peace in West Asia. After the statement of Norway’s PM, now Spain and Ireland have also given similar indications.

Norway’s PM says we will recognize Palestine on May 28. He said that if we do not recognize Palestine, then there will be no peace in the Middle East. Immediately after Norway’s announcement, Ireland’s PM Simon Harris said that his country would also recognize Palestine. Harris said that today Ireland, Norway and Spain have decided to recognize Palestine. We will all see what steps need to be taken to recognize Palestine.

He said that we are confident that some more countries will join us and Israel will be recognized. Important decisions can be taken only in the next few weeks. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday that our cabinet meeting will be held on May 28. On this day we will pass a resolution to recognize Palestine as a separate country. On the other hand, Israel has expressed strong objection to the stance of these countries.


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