All are equal in our eyes says Rajnath Singh

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Vindhya in Madhya Pradesh, Defense Minister, Ram Rajya, Central Government, Rewa parliamentary constituency, BJP candidate Janardan Mishra

Rewa: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh reached Vindhya in Madhya Pradesh  to address all the voters for the Lok Sabha elections, where the Defense Minister spoke on many issues in Rewa. Rajnath Singh said that the world’s attitude towards India is changing.

The perception towards India has changed in the world. In the coming years, India will become a superpower of the world. Along with this, he also emphasized on one country, one election. Defense Minister said that one country, one election is the need of the country at this time. This should be the principle. Defense Minister said that BJP does not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims.

Regarding the Ram temple, Defense Minister Rajnath said that ‘BJP has been continuously saying about it in its manifesto, today the temple of Lord Ram has been built in Ayodhya. This is a sign of the arrival of Ram Rajya. Ram Rajya means when people do not have rights but have a sense of duty. We had talked about abolishing Article 370, it has ended.

We had talked about abolishing triple talaq, it was implemented. Union Defense Minister said people. It is said that BJP people talk about Hindu-Muslim. Rajnath Singh said that I want to say honestly that we Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews do not discriminate on this name. We want to take everyone along. We do not discriminate against anyone who is born on Indian soil.

BJP will not allow women power to be insulted

He told that when we talked about stopping the practice of triple talaq, then more people started opposing us. We ended triple talaq because the mother of any religion, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew or priest. And sisters are our mothers and sisters.

Respect for women is our ancient tradition. In our country, women have been worshiped as power. In such a situation, it is not right to leave a woman after marriage by pronouncing talaq thrice. Anyone in the world may tolerate this, but India will not tolerate it. We do not care whether we come to power or not, but we will never allow women power to be insulted.

Free ration will be available till 2029

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh further said that the Central Government is going to take big decisions regarding farmers. About 700 warehouses will be built in the country at a cost of Rs 1.25 crore. Farmers will be able to store their produce in it and will also be able to sell it when the price increases. When they keep their produce in the warehouse, they will also get some amount.  Referring to this, Rajnath Singh said that in the last 10 years, about 25 crore people of the country have come out of the poverty line.

The Central Government is giving free ration to the poor, it will continue till 2029. Let us tell you that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has come to address the public meeting organized in Devtalab in support of BJP candidate Janardan Mishra from Rewa parliamentary constituency.


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