AK Sharma takes a jibe at SP’s hollow sloganeering

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Lucknow/Mainpuri: The slogan of the socialists is, the vacant plot is ours, on the contrary, the thief scolds the policeman and the one with the stick is his buffalo… This is the constitution of the Samajwadi Party which they talk about saving. To ensure that this evil practice continues, today these people are working to spread confusion in the name of Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Constitution.

State Energy and Urban Development Minister  A.K. Sharma said these things while addressing  the workers at the booth president conference organized in Mainpuri in support of BJP candidate from Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat and present Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh,

Sharma fiercely targeted Samajwadi Party and Congress. He said that the people of Mainpuri handed over the reins of the state to Samajwadi Party four times, but SP only created an atmosphere of fear and terror among the common people with hooliganism, dominance, land grab, murder, looting, rape and indecency with women.

He said SP took votes from you, made the Chief Minister of its own house and did development only for its own clan. He said that due to the example of good governance and good governance set by the BJP government of the country and the state, the opposition has become bereft of issues, hence it is just roaming around spreading confusion.

Minister Sharma, while heartily greeting and welcoming all the booth presidents and workers who came to the conference, said that this time, while fulfilling the resolve of crossing 400, PM Modi  will have to be offered a lotus flower from Mainpuri in making him the Prime Minister for the third time. He enunciated gone are the times when people used to say that Mainpuri is an impenetrable fort.

With the dedication and hard work of all of you, Thakur Jaiveer Singh has ended this confusion by winning the Mainpuri Sadar Assembly seat. With the same enthusiasm, this time we have to make Jaiveer Singh  win from Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat and send him to Lok Sabha and also make Mainpuri a blooming lotus to make Modi  the Prime Minister once again.

Sharma said that Jaiveer Singh is a developmental leader, you can see what he has done for Mainpuri in the last two years. A gift worth crores has been given to you here. Jaiveer Singh  also helped for Mau and Azamgarh. Minister  Sharma said that Jaiveer Singh  remains alert for every work of Mainpuri. In this financial year, Jaiveer Singh  has got many works approved by me for his district and many of them are also in progress. In the same sequence, approval has also been given for a drinking water scheme worth Rs 5 crore for Mainpuri. This is the style of working of BJP. He said that the party which gave Chief Minister 4 times, did nothing for Mainpuri. Just by taking votes, it played mere politics and developed the family and relatives.

When I went to Etawah for the first time, I thought that the 4 Chief Ministers of the district which gave four chances to SP and handed over the command of the state, must have done something for this district. But it is very sad to see the condition of that area. Same is the situation in Azamgarh. Women, youth, farmers and the poor are our castes for whose development the Bharatiya Janata Party has been working diligently.

Minister  Sharma, this time crossing 400, once again reiterating the resolution of Modi government, told the workers that you should go to every voter and tell them about the benefits they are getting from schemes like free ration, housing, toilet, free gas cylinder, Ayushman card.



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