Washington Post blows lid on Pannun story

Washington Post

Washington: A Washington Post report claimed that former Research and Analysis Wing officer Vikram Yadav had hired a hit team and plotted an attack on Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on US soil. According to the report, Vikram Yadav sent details about Pannun, including his New York address. The Washington Post claimed that the Ministry of External Affairs refused to respond to its article.

A Financial Times report in November 2022 said that the US had foiled a plot to kill Pannun. The report also claimed that the US issued a warning to the Indian government over concerns that New Delhi was involved in a conspiracy to eliminate Pannun. India had strongly denied the US allegations, stating that the so-called plot to assassinate Pannun was contrary to government policy.

Subsequently, an indictment was filed in the Manhattan court claiming that a man named Nikhil Gupta, who holds dual citizenship of the US and Canada, colluded with an Indian government official in planning the murder of Pannun. The indictment mentioned an unnamed man, ‘CC-1’, who allegedly directed the conspiracy to kill Pannun from India. The allegations state that he recruited Nikhil Gupta in May 2023 to plot the murder of Pannun.


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