Two horned Demon comet increases curiosity

Varanasi: The ‘Devil’ or Demon Comet, which is called the most turbulent comet of space, has started appearing in the sky of India. This two-horned comet will be visible in the sky for the next four to five days. However, even after this, there will be many such occasions when it can be seen in different parts of the world. Astronauts are very excited about this.

The Devil Comet or ‘12P/Pons-Brooks’ of the ‘Haley’ series completes one revolution in its orbit every 71 years. It entered our solar system a month ago. Since then, BHU scientists along with agencies around the world are keeping an eye on it. The giant or Devil Comet, as big as Everest, is getting brighter as it gets closer to the Sun. On April 21, it will be closest and brightest to the Sun.

Kashi’s Astro Boy Vedant Pandey is also monitoring it. Vedanta has clicked the picture of the demon comet taken on Sunday night. He told that right now after sunset it can be seen at a height of 15 degrees in the western sky. It will be visible even with naked eyes when the sky is clear. Right now it is visible for half to an hour. Its time will increase further as the Earth and the Sun come closer.

‘Demon’ will be visible during the day on 8th April

During the total solar eclipse on April 8, the giant comet will be visible even during the day in the affected areas of the world. Apart from this, it will also be visible when it reaches closest to the Sun on 21 April. Then its distance from the Sun will be 1168 lakh km. After 42 days i.e. in the month of June, it will pass close to the Earth. However, at that time it will be visible only from the Southern Hemisphere.

abnormal environment subject of study

The unusual atmosphere of ’12P/Pons-Brooks’ i.e. the demon comet remains a subject of study. Large molecular explosions and flames occur continuously on it. According to the studies done so far, this comet is made only of a cloud of gases but it acts like a body. Due to the high pressure of flammable gases, a shape like two horns has been formed on it. This is also the reason behind it being named Devil.


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