Tree plantation at National P.G. College sends out green message

Tree plantation

Lucknow: Under the leadership of the Principal of the National P.G. College, Professor Devendra Kumar Singh, a tree plantation was done in the National PG College Lucknow on the occasion of World Environment Day under the joint aegis of the National Service Scheme, in which after planting the bael tree, the Principal told the girl students and non-teaching staff that the root, stem, leaf, fruit and seed of the bael tree have many medicinal properties. Patients suffering from constipation should consume bael syrup. Bael leaves are a panacea for diabetic patients. To meet the deficiency of blood in the body, it is beneficial to dry the bael fruit and consume its powder with milk.

In case of heat stroke, grind the leaves and massage the soles of the feet, head, hands, chest, you will get relief. Apart from constipation, it is also beneficial in diseases like diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery, earache, scurvy etc. Wearing the root of bael provides relief from eye and bile related diseases.

National Service Scheme Program Officer Dr. Archana Singh and Dr. Pranati Mishra and college employees were present at the time of planting the tree.

On this day, 25 students of the college participated in the third level training program on the subject of ‘Groundwater Development and Management’ organized by Central Ground Water Board, Northern Region, Lucknow under the aegis of Rajiv Gandhi National Groundwater Training and Research Institute, Raipur.


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