Lucknow Traffic Police working to streamline e rickshaw burden

Lucknow: In view of the need to control the operation of e-rickshaws to make the traffic system smooth and easy in the capital Lucknow, for effective arrangement for determining the route of e-rickshaws, by amending the order  dated 30.05.2024 of this office, under the process of e-rickshaw verification, the e-rickshaw driver / owner who applied offline or online was to be allotted zone through lottery system on 08.06.2024 for operation of e-rickshaw on the basis of the zone filled by them, but by extending this period, in view of the transparency of the process of zone allocation, on 11.06.2024 at 17.00 hrs (05.00 pm) all e-rickshaw drivers / owners can reach Reserve Police Lines, Lucknow and appear in the lottery and get information regarding their allotted zone.

After the allocation of zone in the lottery, one month’s time (till 11 July 2024) is given to the e-rickshaw drivers. During this one month, the following actions will be required to be taken by the drivers-

1. All will download their respective color coded stickers from Lucknow Police website and display them on the e-rickshaw. If there is any problem in downloading the color coded sticker, then you can get your sticker by going to Traffic Police Lines, Sadar Cantt, Lucknow.

2. While downloading the color coded sticker, you will fill your complete details on the website.

3. This process will be completed in every case by 11 July 2024. From 12 July 2024, action will be taken against e-rickshaws running without stickers or otherwise from the prescribed route.

4. During this one month period, if the e-rickshaw driver / owner has any other suggestions / objections, then that will also be considered.


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