Toll free numbers issued for problems arising at booths

Toll free numbers

War room will resolve any kind of problem immediately

Lucknow: All preparations have been completed for the voting to be held on 20th May under the Lok Sabha General Election 2024 in the state capital Lucknow.

In continuation of the above, as per the instructions of the Election Commission, all types of basic facilities are also being provided by the Municipal Corporation of Lucknow at polling centers and polling places. The war room will remain active 24 hours a day to ensure 100 percent cleanliness and drinking water etc.

Keeping in mind that voters and polling personnel do not face any kind of problem, the war room team will remain active under the leadership of Additional Municipal Commissioner  Lalit Kumar, Pankaj Srivastava Additional Municipal Commissioner for immediate resolution of problems as per the instructions of Municipal Commissioner  Inderjit Singh. All Additional Municipal Commissioners ZSO and Zonal Officers, all Municipal Engineers, all employees of Jalkal Marg Prakash are continuously visiting their zones.

In case of any kind of problem, people can contact the toll free numbers of Municipal Corporation Lucknow Control Room (9219902911, 9219902912, 9219902913, 9219902914).

Under the leadership of Additional Municipal Commissioner  Lalit Kumar and  Pankaj Srivastava, Garden Officer  Shashikant Shashi, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Akash Kumar, Animal Welfare Officer  Abhinav Verma, Assistant Municipal Commissioner  Shilpa Kumari, along with War Room Clerk Nikhlesh Khare, War Room Team Leader Subodh Singh and other staff of the War Room will remain active.

In the zone also * Regarding availability of essential facilities related to voting at the booth, you can also contact the following officers of the zone

Zone-1 Amarjit Singh Zonal Officer 8810715492
Zone-1 City Engineer Satish Rawat 8810721551
Zone-2 Divyanshu Pandey Zonal Officer 8810724966
Zone-2 City Engineer Ashok Yadav 8810721552
Zone-2 Ashish Srivastava ZSO 9919732332
Zone-3 Alankar Agnihotri Zonal Officer 8171618640
Zone-3 City Engineer Atul Mishra 8810721522
Zone-3 Jitendra Kumar Gandhi ZSO 9415497173
Zone-4 Sanjay Yadav Zonal Officer 9219902918
Zone-4 City Engineer Atul Mishra 8810721522
Zone-4 Pankaj Shukla ZSO 7905596057
Zone-5 Nand Kishore Zonal Officer 8810724965
Zone-5 City Engineer SC Singh 8810715495
Zone-5 Rajesh Yadav ZSO 8810708583, Zone-6 Manoj Yadav Zonal Officer 8810721516
Zone-6 City Engineer Pramod Kumar 8810721520
Zone-7 Rashmi Bharti Zonal Officer 9219902922
Zone-7 City Engineer Brijendra Pal 9105900506
Zone-7 Ram Sakal Yadav ZSO 9453780929
Zone-8 Ajit Rai Zonal Officer 8810726009
Zone-8 City Engineer SC Singh 8810715495


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