Suave FICCI FLO Ladies show Golf finesse


Lucknow: When glamour meets enthusiasm.. Well it was nothing less than a beautiful sundowner with the elegant members of FICCI LADIES ORGANISATION FLO trying their hands at PUTTING at the lush greens of the LUCKNOW GOLF COURSE.

The enthusiasm rubbed down on the most reluctant to take up the clubs.

The ever so gracious golf committee coupled with their better halves extended every possible help to make it an event to remember for times to come. Needless to say that the seed has definitely sown and the members shall pursue the newly ignited passion to the next level.

The chairperson  Vibha Aggarwal extended her thanks to the golf committee members and the FLo members for having made it a very successful event.

The PUTTING COMPT saw Niti Aggarwal as the proud winner, followed by  Sweetie Hora as the first runner up and  Simran Sahni as the second runner up.



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