Gautam Buddha Nagar amps up for voting day

Noida: Police have completed preparations for the Lok Sabha elections in Gautam Buddha Nagar. To ensure that there is no lapse in security arrangements, the entire district has been divided into 7 super zones and 120 sectors where police officers and other people will be present.

Paramilitary force provided by Gautam Buddha Nagar Police has been deployed at the booth. Besides, 56 mobile police stations have also been created. The border of this seat is shared with Haryana and Delhi, in view of which police force has been deployed by making check points at 26 places on its border.

According to Police Commissioner Lakshmi Singh, the police response time has been kept at 5 minutes. As soon as any information is received, the nearest mobile police station unit and quick response team will reach the spot within 5 minutes.

1852 booths have been made in Gautam Buddha Nagar. The number of voters in the district is 18 lakh 82 thousand 177. Voting is to be held here on 26th April.

A total of 3 assembly constituencies come under Gautam Buddha Nagar – Noida, Dadri and Jewar. The total number of polling stations here is 641, of which 200 are in Noida Assembly, 240 in Dadri and 201 in Jewar.

Police have identified a total of 51 polling stations which are critical, out of which 50 are due to vulnerability and 1 polling station is due to less than 10 percent voting.

Police have created a total of 26 zones and 120 sectors. 10 zones and 36 sectors have been created in Noida Assembly, 10 zones and 42 sectors in Dadri and 6 zones and 42 sectors in Jewar.

Among the police forces received from outside, Gautam Buddha Nagar district has received 20 companies of Central Police Force, 3 of PS and 2689 number of Home Guards from outside. The remaining police force will be deployed from the district level.

Gautam Budhhan Nagar’s interstate border is with Delhi and Haryana state. The border districts are Ghaziabad, Hapur, Bulandshahr, Aligarh. A total of 24 barriers, 26 inter-district barriers and 26 pickets have been made at these border points.

Flying squad number 9 and permanent monitoring team have been formed in each assembly. Round-the-clock monitoring/checking is taking place by all these teams. Since the implementation of the Election Model Code of Conduct, legal action has been taken against a total of 567 accused.


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