Special Nandi Puja at Varanasi

Varanasi: The importance of Nandishwar Puja has been described as very special in our Vedas and scriptures. Whatever prayers we make to God, it is Nandishwar Ji who conveys it to God, therefore, Nandi Lord is pleased by worshipping Nandi Lord with Panchamrit and Rudra Sukta. By worshipping Nandi, the mind of the devotee remains stable and all his wishes are fulfilled.

It is believed that the first worship in Pradosh Kaal should be of Nandi Lord, this pleases Lord Shiva too. The son of Rishi Shilad was called Nandi, who became the supreme devotee of Lord Shiva, the best among the Ganas and the vehicle of Mahadev. Lord Shiva, pleased with the devotion of Nandi, also blessed to have the idol of Nandi in every Shiva temple.

This is the reason why the worship of Lord Shiva is considered incomplete without seeing and worshipping Nandi. It is believed that when Nandi  got the blessing of being established in front of Shivling, he immediately sat in front of Lord Shiva. Since then, the statue of Nandi  can be seen in front of every Shiva temple.


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