SP, BSP and Congress have vanished in thin air – KP Maurya

KP Maurya

Siddharthnagar: Modi government is going to be formed for the third time and this time it will cross 400. The above words were said by the state’s Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya while addressing the election public meeting held in Birdpur.

He said that SP, BSP, Congress all have vanished into thin air. The public has rejected them, in the fifth phase also the lotus button is being pressed with a bang, and SP BSP Congress are also being bid farewell quickly. On the coming 25th May, you people should also send the cycle to Saifai by making Jagdambika Pal win with record votes.

He said that SP’s cycle gives certificate of hooliganism. During the tenure of SP, goons used to rule and now all the goon mafias have disappeared. Since SP has gone, people are living peacefully.

He said that you people should work to get 370 more votes than the last election at each of your booths. He said that Ram temple has been built in BJP rule, it is not Ram temple, it is Rashtra Mandir. SP Congress had even rejected the invitation of Pran Pratishtha. Now it is your turn to reject such people.

Our government is a double engine government. BJP is present and will remain in future too. On this occasion,  candidate Jagdambika Pal, Sadar MLA Shyam Dhani Rahi, Dharmendra Singh, Rajnikanth Maheshwari, Lal Ji Tripathi, Hemant Jaiswal, Om Prakash Yadav, Sabloo Sahni, Amit Upadhyay, Nitesh Pandey, Fateh Bahadur Singh, Vipin Singh, Ajay Upadhyay, Arvind Upadhyay, Deependra Chaudhary, Vivek Goswami, Ashish Giri, Mahendra Lodhi, Renu Mishra, Suman Shukla, Shabloo Sahni, Prem Modanwal, Bal Mukund Jaiswal, Ram Charan Jaiswal, Ram Kumar alias Chinku Yadav, Jagat Guru Kalpatari Maharaj, Ashish Shukla, Omkar Pandey, Virendra Jaiswal, Pankaj Choubey, Ram Pal Singh, Hari Govind Sahu etc. were present.


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