Skilled workers to help CM Yogi realize his goal

Lucknow: The working class of Uttar Pradesh not only contributes significantly to the development of the infrastructure of the state with its hard work and skills, it also plays an important role in the formation of governments. Recognizing this strength of the working class, under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leadership of CM Yogi, the double engine government made many schemes for the workers and tried to extend its benefits to every eligible person.

As a result, the working class of the state came out as a strong supporter of the BJP government. Looking at the work that has been done for the working class so far during the seven years of CM Yogi’s tenure, it is believed that the resolution of 80 out of 80 taken by CM Yogi will be achieved with the support of the working class. Can be completed.

Around 10.5 lakh workers got employment

When businesses were closed during the Corona period, workers from UP working in other states returned to their homes. Then CM Yogi not only promised to provide work to those workers in UP, but also fulfilled it. Skill mapping work of about 38 lakh workers was done, while according to the information received on the employment portal, employment was also provided to a total of 10,47,522 workers. 9,50,042 workers and candidates were provided employment in the private sector through employment fairs.

Under the Mission Rozgar Abhiyan, 1,16,28,561 workers/candidates were benefited, while 58,62,55,304 man days were generated, providing them means of livelihood. Not only this, a total of 33,070 construction sites were registered in 2023-24 till the month of December, 2023. At the same time, from the formation of BOC Board till December 2023, a total of 3,66,953 construction sites were registered.

The burden of children’s education reduced

Not only this, the number of workers registered in Uttar Pradesh on the e-Shram portal of the Government of India under the Uttar Pradesh Unorganized Workers Social Security Board has reached 8,33,25,459 by January 23, 2024. In this matter, Uttar Pradesh ranks first in the country. The government has started Atal Residential Schools for the children of construction workers, where residential education is being provided to the children of registered workers for more than 3 years. Its second session is going to start soon. With this, the government has also lightened the burden of children’s education and its expenses on the workers.

At the same time, a total of 1,45,912 candidates were benefited from BOCW Board, on which Rs 714.65 crore was spent. Apart from this, workers are also getting the benefit of free ration. All these factors are proving to be important factors in bringing the working class closer to PM Modi, CM Yogi and the BJP government.


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