Prayagraj to don a godly halo as Mahakumbh dawns

Prayagraj: The Uttar Pradesh government is continuously making efforts to give a divine, grand and new form to the Mahakumbh in Prayagraj. Under this, Facade Lights work is being done as a new experiment to give a supernatural look to the major temples of the city. It covers major ancient temples inside and outside the Kumbh Mela area.

Rs 106 crores being spent on 27 projects

27 projects have been given to the Tourism Department in Mahakumbh. Their cost is Rs 106 crore. In this, the work of the department on most of the projects has gained momentum. There is also a project for Facade Lights in temples. All the major temples inside and outside the Kumbh Mela area will be illuminated with modern colorful facade lights in the Maha Kumbh. The Tourism Department has got the responsibility for this.

Prayagraj’s Regional Tourism Officer Aparajita Singh says that the city’s major temples and places of religious importance are being equipped with Facade Lights to make them a center of special attraction for the tourists and devotees coming to Mahakumbh. Facade lights work is being done in these major temples of the city at a cost of Rs 924 lakh. During Kumbh, as soon as the evening approaches, all the temples in the Kumbh Mela area and outside the city will be bathed in colorful lights.

Facade lights work will be done in these temples

Before the organization of Prayagraj Mahakumbh, facade lighting work will be done in five major ancient temples falling in the Kumbh area and outside the area. Prayagraj’s Regional Tourism Officer Aparajita Singh says that tenders have also been issued for this. The Kumbh area includes Shankar Viman Mandapam Temple, Nagavasuki Temple of Daraganj and Shri Alop Shankari Devi Temple of Daraganj itself.

The Kumbh area outside the civil lines includes the main temple of Shri Hanumant Niketan Temple and Shringaverpur Dham. In this, maximum Rs 355 lakh will be spent for Shankar Viman Mandapam temple.

Apart from this, Rs 195 lakh is included for Nagavasuki Temple, Rs 166 lakh for Shri Alop Shankari Devi, Rs 107 lakh for Shringverpur and Rs 101 lakh for Hanumant Niketan Temple Civil Lines. In this, it has been started in Hanumant Niketan Temple of Civil Lines. Work on all the remaining temples will be completed before Mahakumbh.


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