Sanatkada decodes Ambedkar factor

Lucknow: In the discussion on the topic of Hum Sab Ke Ambedkar in Sanatkada, Kaiserbagh, educationist Dr. Sharmila Jogdand said that the thoughts and contributions of Dr. BR Ambedkar are very important in the contemporary times. She described education and philosophy as an integral part of Indian democracy. Adding to that she reiterated that Dr. Ambedkar is known as the modern Buddha. He considered poverty as the root cause of social disease.

Dr. Ambedkar organized the Dalits and gave them knowledge. He also envisioned a new India. Dr. BR Ambedkar’s birth anniversary was celebrated through a discussion at Sanatkada Adda. The second speaker, physicist and educationist Dr. Yash Kaur inspired to increase the participation of women and Dalits in the scientific field. 127 member countries celebrated his life at the United Nations on 14 April remembering BR Ambedkar and his ideas. His name is associated with social justice.


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