Acharya Dev gets global honour

Lucknow: Lucknow’s well-known astrologer Acharya Dev was awarded a doctorate degree by the American University of Global Peace. Acharya Dev received this title in recognition of his continuous involvement and cooperation in the International Seminar of Global Peace for Making India Sustainably Developed and Strong. The America University appreciated his work by conferring the degree of Doctor of Astrological Science on Acharya Dev.

Acharya Dev is a resident of Lucknow and is the third astrologer of his generation. Before this, his father and grandfather had also achieved mastery in astrology. Acharya Dev says that astrology will become the basis of the world in the coming times and will work to show the path to the lost people.

Acharya Dev said that I feel very proud that the American University of Global Peace has given me this honorable doctorate degree. Acharya Dev is also the co-founder of Vama (Virtual Astrology App Mandir).


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