Salman Khan sisters might get the lion’s share from his property

Salman Khan

Mumbai: Salman Khan has earned immense fame and fortune in the industry. He has not even married yet. In such a situation, this question arises in everyone’s mind that who will be the owner of their huge property?

Along with vehicles worth crores, Salman Khan also has many properties. It is claimed that Salman Khan is the owner of property worth about Rs 3000 crores.

Now the biggest question is what will Salman do with this much wealth. According to a recent report, Arbaaz and Sohail were present in a podcast. Where there was talk about Salman’s property. There both the brothers told that Salman is living alone and also mentioned about whose share his property is going to come.

Apart from brothers Arbaaz and Sohail, Salman Khan gives a lot of love to sisters Alvira and Arpita. It is being discussed that in future, all the property of Salman Khan will be divided among his four siblings. If this happens then Salman’s property will be divided into 4 parts. No official information about this news has been revealed yet.


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