Respite from extreme heat ahead due to westerly winds

Lucknow / Kanpur: Once again a change may be seen in the weather of Uttar Pradesh. There will be movement of clouds in the sky due to which the temperature will fall especially at night. Although the day temperature is above normal, the effect of the extreme heat is getting weakened due to strong westerly winds. The Meteorological Department says that there is a possibility of light drizzle locally in the next two days.

Winds will affect the western Himalayan region

Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agricultural Technology meteorologist Dr. SN Sunil Pandey told the media that the Western Disturbance is in the form of a trough in the middle and upper tropospheric westerly winds, whose axis is about 78 degrees, 5.8 km above sea level.

A cyclonic circulation is over East Assam and surrounding areas. The trough/wind disturbance extends from Interior Odisha to North Tamil Nadu up to Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha, Marathwada, Interior Karnataka up to 1.5 km above mean sea level. A fresh Western Disturbance is going to affect the Western Himalayan region from April 10.

This will also affect the weather of Uttar Pradesh and there will be intermittent clouds in the sky for the next two to three days. Cloud movement will continue even during the night. Due to which the night temperature will go below normal and the day temperature will go above normal. There is also a possibility of strong dusty winds and thundershowers along with local drizzle.

Chances of drizzle

He said that the maximum temperature in Kanpur was recorded at 37.8 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 16.8 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity in the morning was 40 percent and the relative humidity in the afternoon was 15 percent. The wind direction was north-west and the average speed was 4.1 km per hour.

According to the weather forecast, there is a possibility of light to moderate clouds in Kanpur in the next five days, but there is no possibility of rain. Now there is a possibility of rise in temperature and pre-monsoon activities may include strong wind, dust storm, thunder and drizzle at some places.


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