Priyanka Gandhi gets a rousing welcome

Amethi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi  did a roadshow in Jais of Amethi Lok Sabha and appealed to vote for India Alliance Congress candidate Kishori Lal Sharma from Amethi Lok Sabha. People were seen standing on the roofs of their houses to greet and see Priyanka Gandhi and at various places, children, old people, women, youth, all were eager to welcome Priyanka Gandhi with flowers and garlands.

In her own special style, Priyanka Gandhi made a unique appeal to the residents of Jais to vote for Kishori Lal Sharma. Lok Sabha candidate Kishori Lal Sharma was present in the road show with Priyanka Gandhi. The road show started from the bus stand in Jais, where Advocate Haji Ishrat Hussain along with his supporters welcomed Priyanka Gandhi by giving her a souvenir and a flower garland.

At many places, local residents of Jais were standing with flower garlands and were showing their support and cooperation to Priyanka Gandhi and Kishori Lal Sharma by shouting slogans, “Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad”, “Kishori Lal Sharma Zindabad”, “Rajiv Gandhi Amar Rahe”, “Rajiv Bhaiya Amar Rahe” were also shouting slogans.

Priyanka Gandhi gave love to everyone in the same way as she always meets the people of Amethi, and in Jais, she was seen showing emotions to all the people in the same way as if she knew them very well. And Priyanka Gandhi was asking about the well-being of the people through gestures, was greeting them by waving her hand, and the flower garlands that she was receiving at many places made Priyanka Gandhi very emotional and she was greeting the people.

The people of Jais welcomed her with great enthusiasm. Priyanka Gandhi, excited by the crowd, was clapping with the people at some places, and at some places, she was sitting on the top of the car and was slowly swaying in joy and affection of the people.

Priyanka Gandhi was waving and greeting the women standing with their children on the roofs of their houses, and was also caressing the children with affection.

Throughout the way, Priyanka Gandhi showed her love and affection to the people of Jais along with her old relations.

She was asking about their well-being through gestures. Through hand gestures, she was seen asking about their well-being from the last meeting till now. People were very excited to see Priyanka Gandhi.

Local saints and sages also presented a mace to Priyanka Gandhi.

Giving information, spokesperson Anil Singh said that Congress leaders and workers of India Alliance, Samajwadi Party leaders and workers, and Aam Aadmi Party leaders and workers welcomed her at various places in the road show and during the road show till Wahabganj, local residents of Jais along with leaders and workers of all political parties were walking ahead of Priyanka Gandhi’s car.


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