People are yearning for change say Akhilesh and Rahul

Amethi: While addressing the public meeting,  Rahul Gandhi said- Namaskar! Akhilesh Yadav Ji, KC Venugopal Ji, Avinash Pandey Ji, Ashok Gehlot Ji, Sunil Singh Ji, Pradeep Singhal Ji, Ram Udit Yadav Ji and our candidate Kishori Lal Sharma Ji, senior leaders of India Alliance, who are on the stage, dear workers of our Congress Party, dear workers of India Alliance, brothers and sisters, our friends from the press, a very warm welcome to all of you here, Namaskar.

Rahul Gandhi said that I came to Amethi for the first time 42 years ago. When I was a 12-year-old child, I came with my father. 42 years have passed and I want to tell you that whatever I have learnt in politics, the people of Amethi have taught me. I was 12 years old, I came with my father. At that time, there were no roads here, there was barren land, there was no development and I saw with my own eyes the relationship between Amethi and my father, the love and affection, and that is my politics too.

Rahul Gandhi said, don’t think that I am contesting from Rae Bareli, I am yours, I am from Amethi, was, and will remain,

Rahul Gandhi said that brothers and sisters, the 2024 election is a different election. For the first time, a political party, their leaders, clearly said that we will abolish this Constitution (said while showing the copy of the Constitution), will destroy it, will throw it away. Brothers and sisters, this is the gift of Gandhiji, Ambedkarji, Jawaharlal Nehruji and all the citizens of India. Will you let it be destroyed (the public said- no), is there any power in the world, which can erase it (the public again said- no).

The first task, brothers and sisters, is to protect the Constitution, why – because it is your voice, it is your future, it has your thinking. Whatever has been done for the poor in India till date, whether it is land rights, help to farmers, green revolution, white revolution, whatever progress has been made, brothers and sisters, it has been done on the strength of this book, this is the foundation of your progress and Narendra Modi wants to destroy it.

If the Constitution ends, the public sector will end, jobs will end, inflation will reach the sky, reservation will end and all your rights will be snatched away from you one after the other, one after the other, one after the other.

Brothers and sisters, the truth is that without this, only 22-25 rich people will be left with the rights in India. The rights of farmers, the rights of laborers, the rights of youth, the rights of mothers and sisters, all will be snatched away. That is why the most important task is to protect this Constitution, we have to protect it with our lives, we have to protect it with our hearts.

I don’t know if you saw it or not, a few days ago,

Rahul Gandhi said that these days Narendra Modi is being interviewed a lot, he is being interviewed by media people, the same lapdog media people, Modi media people. Brothers and sisters, these media people are not yours, they are not ours, they belong to Adani-Ambani, they belong to Narendra Modi. Have you ever heard of farmers in the media (public said- no), labourers (public again said- no), have you ever heard of unemployment, inflation in the media, (public once again said- no), no.

So Narendra Modi is being interviewed these days. He is made to sit in a room, 2-3 lapdog media people are made to sit on the side, there is no teleprompter there, there are no teleprompters, someone sent me an interview, he said that the number of rich people is increasing in India, the elected people are becoming richer and the poor people are becoming poorer. The journalist asked Narendra Modi that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, what do you think about this? Narendra Modi’s answer comes, he says arrogantly- should everyone be made equal? ​​Narendra Modi wants that 22-25 rich people in the country should remain rich and the poor people should remain poor.

Brothers and sisters, Narendra Modi has waived off the loan of 22 people worth 16 lakh crore rupees, 16 lakh crore rupees of 22 people. 16 lakh crore rupees means Narendra Modi has put the money of MNREGA of 24 years in the pockets of 22 people. We had waived off the loan of 70 thousand crore rupees, if there is a loan waiver for 24 years, then Narendra Modi has waived off the loan of 22 people for that much money.

Rahul Gandhi said that now the question arises that what will the Congress Party and India Alliance do? Today I have come to tell you, the people of Amethi, the mothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, if they can make 22 billionaires, then we, Kharge ji, Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, we can make crores of people lakhpatis. I am telling the poor people of Amethi, listen carefully – on 4 June, a list of all the poor people of Amethi will be made, a list of poor people of Uttar Pradesh will be made, a list of poor people of every state will be made, on 4 June. 4th June, the list will be prepared, from every poor family in Amethi, one woman’s name will be selected, one woman’s name will be selected from every poor family in Amethi, just like it will happen in Amethi, it will happen in the whole of India and then on 5th June we will make a law, brothers and sisters, one woman will be selected from every poor family in Amethi, not 10 thousand, not 50 thousand, not 70 thousand, not 80 thousand, not 90 thousand, but 1 lakh rupees per year will be deposited in her bank account.

4th July – 8,500 rupees in bank account; 4th August – 8,500 rupees, first of every month, khata khata, khata khata, khata khata, khata khata, whatever the media people want to say, say it, it doesn’t matter to me and I am telling you, don’t say too much.

Well, not 1 lakh, we will make it 2 lakhs. I am fed up, 24 hours a day media talks about rich people, shows Ambani’s wedding, shows watches worth 8 crores and never talks about the poor, hence 1 lakh rupees per year in every poor family’s bank account, 8,500 rupees, click, click, click, within a month.

Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi has not waived off the farmers’ loans, we will show you by waiving off the loans of all the poor farmers of Amethi. In Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, you do not get the right price. Farmers do not get the right price for their grains, sugar canes, potatoes, sugarcane. Go to the market, you get the right price for anything you buy. Buy a packet of chips, the price is written on it. But when a farmer wants to sell his hard-earned grain, sugar canes, he is told – Bhaiya, you will not get the right money, you will not get the right price. So all the farmers of Amethi, listen carefully, after June 4, you will get the legal minimum support price. The government of Hindustan, the government of India will give you the right money for your hard work. It has been closed here, at least we will give it to the people, we will restart MNREGA properly and you will get Rs 400 for MNREGA, not Rs 250. Asha and Anganwadi women, who do different jobs in Amethi, I know, you told me that you do not get the right money, June 4, we are going to double your income. Whatever you are getting today, you will get double after 4th June.

Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi  neglected the development of Amethi and said that Narendra Modi did not bother about people of Amethi here. We had brought a food park, Amethi would have changed with the food park, 40 different factories would have been set up, chip factories, pickle factories, tomato ketchup factories, food processing factories would have been set up here, Narendra Modi ji snatched that from you. Food park would have given you employment, food park would have given employment to lakhs of people here, their lives would have changed, Narendra Modi ji snatched the food park.

Triple IT was snatched, whatever we gave here, Narendra Modi ji tried to snatch that. We did a lot of work here, I spread the network of national highways here, we spread national highways in every corner of Amethi, connected Amethi to the rest of India, Petroleum Institute, National Flight Academy, HAL, BHEL, CRPF training camp, carbide factory, about which I will tell you. The carbide factory, whose contract was cancelled by Narendra Modi ji, to help Adani ji, that too was snatched from your hands.

So one thing I am telling you, when the Indian government is formed, I am guaranteeing that a food park will be set up here, I will set it up and that is the beginning brothers and sisters.

We talked about women, now I want to tell the youth, I want to tell the youth of Amethi, here earlier you used to run at 5 in the morning, used to run to join the army, Narendra Modi ji made the soldiers laborers. For the first time in the history of India, Narendra Modi ji made the soldiers laborers through the Agniveer Yojana, they will be thrown out after three years. Two different types of martyrs, one will get the status of martyr, the other will not. One will get pension, the other will not and if you see today, those who used to run on the roads earlier, they do not run today, because they do not want to become Agniveers, they want to become normal soldiers. I am telling you, as soon as the government is formed, if it is formed on 4th June, on 4th June we will pick up Agniveer and throw him in the dustbin and there will be only one type of martyr, everyone will get pension, everyone will get canteen facility, everyone will get respect, everyone will get medal.

Brothers and sisters, the army did not want Agniveer. Narendra Modi ji has imposed Agniveer on the army to help Adani, the army does not want this, that is why we are cancelling the Agniveer scheme, ending it.

Now there are lakhs of youth in Amethi, whom Narendra Modi ji made unemployed, did demonetization, implemented wrong GST and put you on the road and when you asked for employment, Narendra Modi ji said – Youth of Amethi, put a pipe in the drain, gas will come out, light the stove with gas, make pakodas. This is an insult to you. This is an insult to every youth of Amethi.

Brothers and sisters, we are going to give a right to the youth of Amethi, the youth of India – the right of ‘first job permanent’. Unemployed youth, diploma holders, university graduates, college graduates, all of them will get this right, one year permanent job in public sector, private sector, government hospitals, government colleges-universities, government offices, excellent training and 8,500 rupees per month in the bank account, click, click, click, click. We are going to give 1 lakh rupees per year to unemployed youth of India in the first permanent job scheme. Lakhs of youth in Amethi will benefit. Brothers and sisters, lakhs of rupees will come in your bank account, will come in the bank accounts of women, will come in the bank accounts of youth, will come in the bank accounts of farmers. Narendra Modi ji took money from your pocket, put it in Adani’s pocket, all the shops were closed, factories were closed, he did demonetization, inflation increased. Now as soon as we put money in your pocket, you will buy goods with this money, someone will buy shirt, someone will buy pants, someone will buy mobile phone, youth will buy mobile phone, buy scooter, buy motorcycle, as soon as your money goes into the market,

Similarly, all the companies of India will start functioning once again and crores of youth of India will get employment in those companies and we will also provide them one year training under the first job permanent scheme.

So in a way, we are jump starting the economy of India. Just like petrol is put in the engine of a motorcycle, similarly we are putting petrol in the economy of India by putting money in your pocket, we are preparing to jump start it.

Speaking about Amethi candidate Kishori Lal Sharma, Rahul Gandhi said, brothers and sisters, I want to tell you one thing, see, Kishori Lal Sharma ji, he has been working for you for more than 40 years. I want to tell you, along with him, my father had appointed 150 coordinators, Rajiv Gandhi ji had appointed 150 coordinators, Kishori Lal Sharma ji was among them and there were 150 other different people. Kishori ji worked in Amethi, worked for you, but if you look at the other coordinators, some became PCC president, some became minister, some became MLA, in different states, all of them, some became MP, some became MLA, some became PCC president, they ran states, but Kishori ji has given 40 years for the people of Amethi. She has sacrificed for you, I am telling you. She has sacrificed her political career for Amethi, has given her blood and sweat to Amethi. Make her an MP, I am telling you from my heart, I am telling the people of Amethi, I have a deep relationship with you, make her an MP, she will raise your voice in the Lok Sabha. There is no ego in her. Arrogance causes damage, arrogance has caused a great loss to Amethi, there is not even a bit of arrogance in these people, they were workers of the Congress party, now they are leaders, they will become your Member of Parliament, they will work for you wholeheartedly, they will work for you by giving their blood and sweat.

But I have to say this also, he is your MP, I will be the MP of Rae Bareli, but I will also be the MP of Amethi. Don’t think this, I am telling you, whatever will happen for Rae Bareli, you write it down, whatever will happen for Rae Bareli, the exact same thing will happen for Amethi. If 10 rupees will go to Rae Bareli for development, then 10 rupees will come to Amethi for development. If 500 crore rupees come, 1000 crore rupees come, highways come, infrastructure come, bridges come, whatever comes, Rahul Gandhi is promising you, whatever comes to Rae Bareli, the same amount will come to Amethi.

Rahul Gandhi showered love on the people of Amethi and said that I wanted to tell you.

I am connected to you from the heart, I belong to you and whatever you want from me, our government will be formed, you will get it, I am telling you from my heart. Brothers and sisters, BJP has caused harm to Amethi. They snatched the food park from you, snatched the contract of this AK-47 factory, they are privatizing the public sector factories, they are privatizing the railways, they are trying to snatch reservation, they are trying to cancel the constitution, all of that is there, but they have caused harm to Amethi, they have damaged your image.

We want Amethi to be a shining star, your name should be known all over the world and the development that used to happen earlier, the same development should happen in Amethi once again. They snatched the food park, they snatched jobs.

Rahul Gandhi appealed to the people of Amethi to make Kishori ji win, with a huge majority, at least 4-5 lakh votes and I am with you, whatever will be done for Rae Bareli will be done for Amethi. Whatever I will do for Rae Bareli, I will do the same for Amethi. You are ours, you are mine, it is a family relation, an old relation, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Highlights of Akhilesh Yadav Speech

SP President  Akhilesh Yadav greeted former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Lok Sabha candidate from Amethi parliamentary constituency Kishori Lal Sharma and Seva Sankalp Sabha present on the stage and said that first of all I bow to Nand Baba’s place, today it has been decided from this famous place Nand Baba’s Dham that this election is going to be historic, the people of Amethi have decided to make the Congress candidate win from here, Kishori Lal Sharma ji is such a candidate who has spent his whole life with you with affection, who has become your candidate in a humble manner, and on the other hand, arrogant, threatening people have added bitterness to the sweet sugar worth Rs 13 per kg, Akhilesh Yadav said that these are the people of BJP who had put nails on the roads, wanted to impose black laws on the farmers, could not do so now but as soon as they get a chance, they will try to impose black laws again, now this alliance has become one and one eleven, Akhilesh Yadav said that the trends that are coming, the people of the country have decided what It is said that BJP has been defeated in four phases, now we do not talk about 400 seats,

Akhilesh Yadav said that they have made up their mind to change the constitution, they want to end the constitution and take away the rights of Dalits and backward classes, this time the election is completely different, vote in large numbers, definitely go to the booth, make Kishori Lal ji win on 20th May,

Before the Seva Sankalp Sabha, MP and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and SP President Akhilesh Yadav visited Nand Baba in Nandamahar Dham

Former President MP Shri Rahul Gandhi and SP President Akhilesh in the joint Amethi Seva Sankalp Sabha of Nandamahar Dham Amethi Yadav, Organization General Secretary K.C. Venugopal, In-charge Amethi Lok Sabha former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, National, National General Secretary In-charge Uttar Pradesh Avinash Pandey, Lok Dal Chaudhary Sunil Singh, General Secretary Ghulam Ahmed Mir, National Secretary Neelanshu Chaturvedi, Former MLC Deepak Singh, District President Pradeep Singhal, Media Coordinator Amethi Parliamentary Constituency Spokesperson Anshu Awasthi, MLA Santosh Pandey, Priyank Harivijay Tiwari, Women SP President Gunjan Singh, SP President Ram Udit Yadav, State General Secretary Yogendra Mishra, Former MLC Harendra Agarwal,


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