Politics of performance Modi’s brainchild says Chief Minister Yogi

Chief Minister Yogi

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that for the first time ‘Politics of Performance’ has come in the country because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the poor, farmers, women and youth have benefited the most. He said that the Indian alliance of Congress, SP and many other parties is upset with the achievements of Shri Modi’s public welfare programs. Due to this anxiety, Congress, SP and their allies are bent on divisive politics of spreading social disharmony in the elections. The public knows their intentions. Will not give them permission to commit robbery.

While talking to the media, the Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that Congress had given the slogan of eradicating poverty in the 1970s but despite ruling for more than six decades, it was never able to eliminate poverty. For more than six decades, they have been misleading the people of the country with the same slogan ‘from grandmother to grandson’. The Chief Minister said that if seen in true sense, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has done the work of eradicating poverty and extending the benefits of poor welfare schemes to every person honestly and without discrimination.

Yogi (CM Yogi) said that during the tenure of PM Modi, four crore poor families got houses and the target of providing houses to three crore more people in the next five years is reflected in the BJP’s manifesto. There is a long series of poor welfare works under Modi ji’s rule. In this, toilets were built in twelve crore houses, Jan Dhan accounts of 50 crore people were opened, 80 crore people are getting the facility of free ration for four years, 60 crore people got health insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh, 10 crore poor Free LPG connections were provided, 12 crore farmers got the benefit of Samman Nidhi.

He (CM Yogi) said that for 70 years after independence, Congress and its allies ruled the country for the longest time, but due to its corruption, crores of people were deprived of basic amenities like house, electricity, tap, medical facilities, toilet, cooking gas. Be deprived of needs. There is no one else but Congress and its partners responsible for depriving the poor of basic facilities. Whereas it is PM Modi who has brought happiness in the lives of crores of these deprived people.

Yogi (CM Yogi) said that in reality the achievements of poor welfare are the embodiment of the basic mantra of the BJP government, without discrimination, everyone’s support, everyone’s development, everyone’s trust and everyone’s efforts. Modi ji never said that I did this. He always said that it is everyone’s belief, everyone’s effort. Even today, Modi ji says in his speech that the credit for everything that the public has got is not to me, but to the people. Because, the public has understood the value of their democratic rights. If you cast your vote at the right place then you are getting its benefits in the right way.

The Chief Minister (CM Yogi) accused Congress, SP and the entire Indi alliance of doing divisive politics and said that by doing such politics the Indi alliance is cheating and betraying the country. He raised the question that when the Congress family had become the Super PM, on whose instructions did the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh say that Muslims have the first right on the country’s resources. CM Yogi said that Congress today wants to divide the country in the name of Muslims and non-Muslims, minority and majority. This country has seen the tragedy of partition in 1947 and the intention of Congress will never be fulfilled.

Taking a dig at the Congress manifesto, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that these people have not been able to remove poverty but those who have built houses with their hard work, have bought plots of land, mothers and sisters have made jewelery for themselves, the evil vision of the Congress is It is lying on. Congress is trying to commit robbery on the property of religious places, on the own property of sisters, daughters, mothers and on the hard-earned property of people. Describing the saying of ‘Python, no servant, no bird, no work’ as correct for Congress, CM Yogi said that instead of doing some hard work, this party is bent upon spreading social disharmony by creating divisions in the name of caste, creed and religion in the elections. The country will never accept this. CM Yogi said that Congress itself could not do anything and today when work is being done, it is misleading the people of the country. The people of the country are the form of public support in democracy. She understands the divisive mentality of Congress and will not allow them to loot the property of the country’s citizens.

CM Yogi showered love and blessings on children
Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that some people used to follow the politics of India in the name of family, considering them as their ancestors. Whenever he got the opportunity, he caused irreparable damage to national interests. Engaged in robbery in poor welfare scheme. He said who does not know that there were food grain scams within the Samajwadi Party government. CBI inquiry is still going on in a dozen districts. People associated with them now used to distribute ration to the poor. When I got the responsibility of Chief Minister in 2017, I got this matter investigated. Then 30 lakh fake ration cards were found. Ration was issued in the name of this fake ration card. The poor did not get the facility of ration, it was given to the Samajwadi Party officials or the mafia patronized by them used to grab the ration. Today, because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ration is distributed through e-posh machines. Corruption free and completely transparent system.

Yogi (CM Yogi) said that the country’s Janata Congress and its ally Samajwadi Party and other cooperation Will not accept the parties intention. During the current campaign of Lok Sabha, the process of election campaign is going on and the first phase of elections has been completed, my guess is that the results that are going to come in the next 6 phases will be in the name of PM Modi and his work. You will receive abundant blessings. There should be no doubt about this. With full confidence, with the blessings of the people, Modi government will once again succeed in achieving the target of 400.


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