CM Yogi road show draws crowds

Yogi Adityanath

Gorakshpeethadhishwar and CM Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi), who played a leading role in enshrining Lord Shri Ram in his grand temple in Ayodhya after 500 years, reached Meerut. He appealed here that the people of Meerut should send ‘Shri Ram’ to the House. On his call, the voters of Meerut said ‘Jai Shri Ram to Yogi Ji’ and assured that they will also contribute in crossing 400. He said, there was not even space to keep sesame seeds on the streets of Meerut. The minority community, which participated along with the majority in the road show, also warmly welcomed their chief.

Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) took out a road show  in favor of Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Arun Govil from Meerut. In the road show that lasted for more than 45 minutes, a sea of people was visible everywhere as far as the eye could see. There was no space to even keep sesame seeds on the roads. CM Yogi Adityanath’s road show on Hanuman Jayanti on Tuesday set a new record of crowd. Yogi Adityanath got assurance all the way that you have given us security, we will give the crown of Meerut to Modi ji under your leadership.

Deafening slogans raised in Meerut after seeing Yogi (CM Yogi)

The public was overwhelmed after seeing Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi). Everyone raised deafening slogans of Jaishree Ram, Jaishree Ram, while on the other side, Ram ji’s army moved forward and the entire atmosphere became filled with songs like ‘Jo Ram Ko Laaya Hai’ etc. Slogans of Modi-Yogi Zindabad, Bharat Mata Ki Jai also filled the streets of Meerut with enthusiasm. Women, elders, men, youth and children were eager to get a glimpse of Yogi. Everyone captured every moment of Yogi Adityanath’s road show in their mobile phones.

Meerut becomes saffron

Krantidhara Meerut looked saffron on Tuesday. Saffron and BJP flags were visible everywhere here. Be it children or BJP supporters, they came dressed in saffron to show their support to Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi). Along with the majority society, the minority society also welcomed Yogi warmly. BJP candidate from Meerut Arun Govil, Rajya Sabha MP Laxmikant Vajpayee, Meerut MP Rajendra Aggarwal, BJP regional president Satyendra Sisodia etc. were present in the road show.


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