PM Modi shares broader vision with Bill Gates

Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Bill Gates. During this, he discussed in detail with Bill Gates about the Corona period including G-20 and AI. Also after his conversation, Bill Gates presented some nutrition books as a gift to PM Modi. PM Modi gifted Bill Gates ‘Vocal for Local’ gift hampers, which included Pashmina shawls from Kashmir, saffron, pearls from Tamil Nadu and the famous tea from Darjeeling.

PM Narendra Modi discussed renewable energy in India during his meeting with Bill Gates. PM Narendra Modi said, I am happy to say that India is making rapid progress in renewable energy…we want to progress in green hydrogen. In Tamil Nadu, I launched a hydrogen-powered boat…I am thinking about it.” Placing this boat on the Kashi-Ayodhya boat will strengthen my movement for clean Ganga and also send a message to the environment-conscious society.

Discussion on COVID-19 pandemic

PM Narendra Modi in conversation with Bill Gates while discussing the vaccination drive in India during the COVID-19 pandemic, said, First of all, I stressed that everyone is involved in our fight against the virus. This is not a ‘virus versus government’ battle, but a battle of ‘virus versus life’ – this was my first philosophy. Secondly, from the first day I started communicating directly with the people of my country. I followed all protocols in public. I told them to ‘clap’, ‘clap the plate’, ‘light the lamp’ – this was ridiculed in our country but I had to take people into confidence. Once confidence was built, it became a mass movement…The financial challenge was significant due to vaccine research costs. I first built people’s trust by taking the vaccine. My 95-year-old mother also took the vaccine…When my new government, I want to invest a lot in research in that direction (cervical cancer)…”

Discussion on Namo Drone Didi Scheme

PM Narendra Modi informed Bill Gates about the ‘NaMo Drone Didi’ scheme while talking about the digital revolution in India. PM Modi said, “When I used to hear about the digital divide in the world, I thought that I will not let anything like this happen in my country. Digital public infrastructure in itself is a big need…women are more” Ready to adopt new technology in India…I have started ‘NaMo Drone Didi’ scheme…it is running very successfully. I talk to him these days. She says she didn’t know how to ride a bicycle but she is now a pilot and can fly a drone. The mentality has changed.

India is really moving forward – Bill Gates

PM Narendra Modi and Bill Gates discussed health, agriculture and education sectors along with digital revolution in India. PM Modi said, “During the G20 summit in Indonesia, representatives from all over the world expressed their curiosity about the digital revolution in the country. I explained to him that we have democratized technology to stop monopoly. It is by the people and for the people. Bill Gates said, “Here, it is like digital government. India is not only adopting technology but it is really moving forward…”

Discussion on G20 Summit 2023

PM Narendra Modi and Bill Gates discussed the 2023 G20 summit which was held under India’s chairmanship last year. PM said, “Ahead of the G20 summit we had extensive discussions and as you might have seen, in the proceedings of the summit There were many twists and turns. I believe we are now aligned with the core aims and objectives of the G20, bringing them into the mainstream. I hope your first-hand experience echoes this sentiment.”

Bill Gates said the G20 is much more inclusive and so it’s great to see India hosting it – really enhancing things like digital innovation and how South-South cooperation can be more than just dialogue with the North… Our Foundation We are so encouraged by the past results you have achieved here in India that we would like to partner with you in trying to take this to many other countries.


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