MRIs are now a reality at cancer Institute


Lucknow: Patients coming to the Cancer Institute located at Shaheed Path will no longer have to run to private diagnostic centers for MRI examination. For the convenience of the patients, this investigation has started in the institute itself.

Patients will be able to get this test done here at PGI rates. Till now the Cancer Institute did not have the facility of MRI examination. For this reason the institute had signed contracts with private diagnostic centres. Patients used to be sent by ambulance to private centers just for MRI examination, but now patients will not have to run in this race.

Dr. Devashish Shukla, MS of the institute told the media that  now both CT and MRI tests are being conducted in the institute. Advanced lab for molecular tests has already been started. Now preparations are on to start pet scan tests also. A proposal has been sent for this. This machine can be installed with the budget received from the government this year. After this, patients will not have to go out for any test.

Work was stuck for four months, now lift started

Now attendants will not have to carry patients on their shoulders in the OT complex of the Cancer Institute. The institute has started operating the lift here. Four months ago the OT was closed due to a fire. After that OT started but the lift was not running. Due to this, the attendants were picking up the patients from the stairs and taking them to the OT. NBT had raised this problem prominently by publishing the news on March 19. Taking cognizance of this, the UPRNN team arrived the very next day and started the work. Now the lift has started operating. MS of the institute, Dr Devashish said that two out of three lifts have started running. A lift will also start soon.


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