Mastering President’s Rule, Opposition talks Constitution – BJP


Patna:  Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, while criticizing both the parties on the statement of Congress and RJD on abolishing the Constitution and reservation, said that they are giving such statement out of frustration. They don’t have any issue, that’s why they are saying this.

In a press conference in Patna, he said that Congress imposed President’s rule in the states 90 times, out of which former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed President’s rule 50 times. During the Ram Mandir movement, governments were toppled not only in UP but also in Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. This is the same Congress which imposed emergency in the country. Lalu Yadav also went to jail during that time and today he says that the Constitution is in danger.

He said that editors were also harassed during that period. Today people of Congress and RJD are saying that if BJP comes to government, it will change the Constitution. The NDA government has been in power under the leadership of PM Modi for 10 years, but the Constitution has not been touched. On the other hand, NDA gave constitutional responsibility to the OBC Constitutional Commission. Not only this, the curse like triple talaq was changed. Empowered the economically weak people. When Ramnath Kovind, who came from Dalit community, was made the President, tribal woman Draupadi Murmu was given the highest post.

He said that the Constitution is eternal, permanent and respectable. This is our character. If the Constitution is unsafe today, it is because of the thinking of Congress and its allies. BJP has been in favor of reservation from the beginning. Reservation for SC, ST and OBC will remain in the country, no one should have any doubt about it. Today Muslims are being included in OBC in Karnataka. There is no reservation on the basis of religion in the Constitution.

He further said that the schemes made today are not made for any one caste or religion. Today Muslim women are flying planes. There is new enthusiasm after the end of triple talaq. This is our thinking. This cannot be the thinking of those who prepare plans for vote bank politics. Today Rahul Gandhi is talking about conducting a property survey and taking a revolutionary decision. It is not Rahul Gandhi’s own but Maoist thinking which is dominant.


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