Maneka Gandhi went beyond caste, religion

Maneka Gandhi

Sultanpur: Former Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Maneka Gandhi said  that she has given security, development and strength to every citizen of the parliamentary constituency without asking about caste and religion.

While addressing more than two dozen receptions and street meetings on the third day of her election tour,  Gandhi said, “I never asked anyone’s caste and community. I only ask about your problems and help immediately. I have zero tolerance against corruption.”

He (Maneka Gandhi) started the series of street meetings from Gosaiganj which ended in Mahadevpur, Udhpur, Barausa, Motigarpur, Pandababa, Paraspatti. Mrs. Gandhi said, “I feel proud to be the MP of Sultanpur. Sultanpur is my family. I have changed the environment in five years. Today an atmosphere of hope has been created in Sultanpur. When 2019 came, there was an atmosphere of disappointment. At that time people had less confidence in me. Big people came here and went away victorious. Then he was not seen among the public. Today the people of Sultanpur know that if injustice is done to anyone, I am there to help. I kept coming every 15 days for five years. She stayed for three days and provided solutions to the problems of 700-800 people. ,

While addressing the meeting organized in Karaundikala, the MP said, “Each worker of BJP is our strength. I have visited 1100 villages and hamlets of the district twice. The worker has waved the BJP flag everywhere.”

After this,  Gandhi (Maneka Gandhi) addressed street meetings in Surapur, Mudila, Alipur Bazar, Gidhauna, Narwari Bazar, Bachhedia, Golhanpara, Kaithi, Jalalpur and Badhauli. The crowd gathered in front of Shiv Temple in Cantonment Dostpur, Akhandnagar and Rahulnagar. Gave a historic welcome to our MP. Here  Gandhi said, I am overwhelmed by your love and affection. Sultanpur is my family. I have decorated and decorated it.


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