Lucknow University philosophy scholar presents paper

Lucknow University

Lucknow: A lecture was organized by the Department of Philosophy, Lucknow University,  under the patronage of the Head of the Department, Dr. Rajni Srivastava, in the special series of Saturday Seminars. In this lecture, Rupa Singh Rajput, a research student of the Department of Philosophy, presented her lecture.

The topic of the lecture presented by her was “Problem of Free Will and Determinism”. She started her lecture with a question related to free will and determinism. In her paper, she shed light on the theory of freedom of will and determinism. She discussed the three parameters of freedom of will, the ability to act, knowledge and purpose and the presence of options.

It was also told that we are responsible for our conscious decisions. In his entire lecture, he also expressed the views of Novel Smith and Spinoza related to freedom of will and determinism. After his lecture, Professor Rakesh Chandra, former Head of the Department, summarized his lecture and expressed his comments. In the seminar, the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Lucknow University, Dr. Rajni Srivastava, along with the Principal of the Department, Prof. Rakesh Chandra and Dr. Rajendra Verma were present.

In the seminar, research scholars  along with undergraduate and postgraduate students were also present. The coordinator of the seminar was the research scholar of the department, Priya Gupta and student Anupam Kumar. Other research scholars of the department also played an important role in the successful conclusion of the seminar.

The University of Lucknow (informally known as Lucknow University, and LU) is a public state university based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Founded in 1867, the University of Lucknow is one of the oldest government owned institutions of higher education in India LU’s main campus is located at Badshah Bagh, University Road area of the city with a second campus at Jankipuram. It is the largest state university of Uttar Pradesh. It is also the only public university of the state to offer both on-campus and online programmes of study.


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