Looks like an easy breezy win for Modi in Kashi


Varanasi: Counting of votes for the country’s hottest Varanasi Lok Sabha seat has started  at 8 am amid tight security. In the initial trends of counting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the lead. After this, Indi alliance candidate Ajay Rai took a lead of 6223 votes over Prime Minister Modi. In the counting, Ajay Rai got 11480 votes, BJP’s Narendra Modi got 5257 votes.

At the same time, BSP’s Athar Jamal Lari got 945 votes. After lagging behind in the beginning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the lead, then BJP workers looked excited. In the counting done so far, in the first round, Indi alliance’s Ajay Rai got 22805 votes, BJP’s Narendra Modi got 17526 and BSP got 2038 votes. In the second round, Ajay Rai got 14622 and BJP’s Narendra Modi got 24868 votes. BSP got 1700 votes. Counting of votes is going on at the counting place. It is believed that by afternoon, the fate of all the seven candidates including BJP candidate Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be decided. People’s eyes are fixed on the margin in the hat-trick of victory of BJP candidate Narendra Modi. In the initial trends of counting, BJP candidate Narendra Modi is leading.

Counting of postal ballots has started at the counting centre in Pahadia. Counting of EVM votes will start shortly which will go on for about 30 rounds.

From political analysts to common people, everyone is considering the victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi seat as certain. They say that it will be interesting to see what will be the margin of victory. Leaders and workers of other political parties including BJP, and common people are curious about the margin. People say that the picture will become clear on how much the candidate of Indy alliance Ajay Rai is able to increase the percentage of votes along with saving his deposit in the political battle.

It is worth noting that in the 2014 elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then the BJP candidate, got a total of 581022 votes and AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal, who came second, got 209238 votes. In the election, Ajay Rai of Congress got 75614 votes, CA Vijay Prakash of BSP got 60579 and Kailash Chaurasia of SP got 45291 votes. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the voters of Kashi gave a huge majority to Prime Minister Modi. He got a total of 6,74,664 votes.

Samajwadi Party candidate Shalini Yadav came second. Shalini Yadav got 1,95,159 votes. Shalini Yadav has now joined BJP. In 2019, Ajay Rai remained at third place for the third consecutive time and got 1,52,548 votes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the second time with a huge margin of 4,79,505 votes. Even then, voting in Varanasi was held in the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections. Prime Minister Modi had secured 56.37 percent votes. The increased popularity of BJP due to the Balakot airstrike after the Pulwama attack had a major contribution in this.


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