Lions of Junagadh to roar freely in Lake City Udaipur

Junagadh lions

Udaipur: After July, the roar of lions will be heard in the Lion Safari being prepared in Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur. For this, the construction work of the enclosure is going on at a fast pace. It is believed that by July the enclosures will be ready for the lion safari.

After this, a pair of lions will be brought here from Junagadh in Gujarat. In February this year, permission was given to bring two lions (a pair of male and female) from Junagadh to Udaipur. After which the tender process for enclosures and other necessary works to keep the lions was completed.

It was earlier estimated that construction of the enclosure would take about a year. But the speed at which this work is going on. The work is expected to be completed by July. Only after this a pair of lions will be brought here from Junagadh. Lion Safari is being prepared by the Forest Department with a budget of Rs 3.45 crore.

In which an enclosure is being built in 26 hectares. It will include a lion keeping area and a display area for spectators. The first success under this effort which has been going on for the last five years was achieved when the Central Zoo Authority got permission to bring a pair of lions from Junagadh (Gujarat).

However, the enclosure is being built by the department as per the capacity to house eight lions. After July, when the first pair of lions arrives here, more lions will be sent from other zoos to increase their clan. The department wants to find healthy lions wherever possible, so that they can be kept in safari for a long time. Approval was given to bring the first pair of lions from Junagadh to Udaipur within a period of six months.

Tiger safari is also planned in future

There is also a plan to create a tiger safari in the biological park in the future. The proposal for lion and tiger safari here was sent to the Central Zoo Authority about six years ago. Which was approved in April 2023. Under this, Tiger Safari is also proposed in 26 hectares. Whose estimated cost is Rs 3.8 crore. But the department is working on priority for Lion Safari. Will have to wait longer for Tiger Safari.

Lions will be seen roaming freely behind the biological park.

Lion safari is being prepared behind the biological park. Where lions can be seen roaming in the open. Apart from the Biological Park, there will be a separate ticket for this. Whose ticket rates will be decided later by the Forest Department committee.


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