In India, cyber bluffmasters on the prowl


New Delhi: Amidst the focus on digital economy, online transactions are increasing rapidly. Along with this, cases of cyber fraud are also increasing rapidly in India and Indians are facing losses worth thousands of crores of rupees. In the first 4 months of this year alone, more than 7 lakh cases of cyber fraud have been registered in the country.

Loss of more than Rs 1750 crore in 4 months

In a report by ET, the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center has been quoted as saying that in the first four months of this year alone, Indians have suffered a loss of thousands of crores of rupees due to cyber fraud. According to the data from January to April 2024, Indian people have suffered a loss of more than Rs 1,750 crore due to various cases of cyber fraud and during this period, more than 7 lakh 40 thousand such cases were registered on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

So many complaints are coming daily

According to the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, an average of 7 thousand cyber crime complaints are being received every day in the month of May. 85 percent of these complaints are of online financial fraud. This shows that most of the cyber crimes taking place in the country are money related. This is much higher than previous years.

Cyber crime cases are increasing every year

If we look at the year-on-year statistics of cyber crime, it is clear that it has increased manifold in the last 5 years. In the year 2019, only 26 thousand 49 cases of cyber crime were reported. In 2020, this figure increased to 2 lakh 57 thousand 777. After that, cyber crime cases increased to 4 lakh 52 thousand 414 in 2021 and 9 lakh 66 thousand 790 in 2022. Last year, cyber crime cases crossed 15 lakh. The total figure was 15 lakh 56 thousand 218. At the same time, this year 7 lakh 40 thousand 957 cases have been reported in just 4 months.

Most of the money lost in trading scams

Most of the cyber crimes occurring in India are related to the financial sector. People suffered maximum loss of Rs 1,420 crore in trading scams. 20,043 cases of trading scams have been reported in the first 4 months of this year. During this period, people have suffered a loss of Rs 120 crore in 4,599 cases of digital arrest. People have lost Rs 222 crore due to investment scams and Rs 13.23 crore due to dating apps.


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