KKR trounce RCB at Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens

Kolkata: An exciting clash was witnessed between KKR and RCB  at the Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata. KKR won the match by one run. In this match, there was controversy regarding the dismissal of Virat Kohli.  Virat Kohli could not control the full toss ball of Harshit Rana in the third over of the innings of Royal Challengers Bangalore. In the eyes of Virat Kohli, this ball was a no because the full toss ball was above the waist, but the third umpire argued that Kohli was out of the crease and the ball was going downwards, Kohli looked unhappy with the decision of the third umpire and he left the crease. Also argued with the on-field umpires before leaving.

The RCB camp did not agree at all with this decision and they opposed it. If a new player had come on the field in the last overs, it could have affected the match. The captain rejected Shreyas Iyer’s demand.

In such a situation, Gautam Gambhir clashed with the umpire to support his team. The matter escalated so much that Chandrakant Pandit also had to come into it. At the same time, now this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This is not the first time that Gautam Gambhir has come into controversy, even before this his name has been associated with controversies. Gautam has been involved in serious controversies both as a player and a mentor.


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