Lehenga is now in vogue among youth

Lehenga is in highest demand during the wedding season

Lucknow: Lehenga is in highest demand during the wedding season. If you are thinking of buying a lehenga in the wedding season, then leave the normal A-line lehenga and try a fish tail lehenga. This wedding season, girls are going to like this lehenga design very much. In the latest lehenga look, actresses were seen wearing fishtail or mermaid look lehenga from events to ramp walks.

How is a fish tail lehenga?

Fish tail or mermaid look lehenga is tight fitting from waist to knee and then flared or flared below the knee. Because of which this lehenga suits some body types better.

Fish tail lehenga will look good on every body type

Be it pear shape body or apple shape, you can easily wear mermaid look lehenga on every body type. Just keep these special things in mind during this time. So let’s know how to wear fish tail lehenga for wide waisted girls.

Pear shape body

In a pear shaped body, the area from waist to hip is wider than the shoulders. In such a situation, girls may have a dilemma regarding fish tail lehenga. But if your waist and hips are wide then keep the girth after the knees less. Due to which it looks completely balanced till the waist and hips.

Apple shape body

Women whose body is chubby and more fat is visible and their waist is not much visible. Such girls can also wear fish cut lehenga. While choosing a lehenga, keep in mind its embroidery and design. Choose a vertical or diagonal pattern. Which helps you look tall and slim.

Rectangle shape

Women whose shoulder and waist both have equal size. She can also wear fish cut lehenga comfortably. Just add extra volume or layers to the lehenga. Also choose a blouse with lots of embroidery and special detailing. Which suits your body and looks attractive.


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