KGMU’s 12 floor night shelter building to make life simpler


Lucknow: The troubles of the families of the patients coming to KGMU, one of the major hospitals of the capital Lucknow, will now go away. A four-storey night shelter has been built near Shatabdi Hospital for the relatives of patients admitted to KGMU to stay. Now it will be expanded to 12 floors.

For this, ONGC has sanctioned Rs 89 crore under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund. With this amount, eight more floors will be built in the night shelter. With this, the attendants will not have to stay in hotels or temporary night shelters.

There are a total of 43 rooms in four floors of KGMU’s night shelter. Along with this, there are 142 beds in the dormitory, which are available at the rate of Rs 50 per day. 50 more beds will start here this month. Meanwhile, the effort to expand the night shelter on the lines of AIIMS Delhi has also started with the amount of CSR fund.

After construction of 12 floors in the night shelter, the number of rooms will exceed 100 and the number of beds will also be around 500. After this, 700 to 800 attendants will be able to stay here at a time. The fund has been approved by ONGC. Work will start soon. This will provide relief to the attendants to a great extent.

Pro. Sonia Nityananda, VC, KGMU

It has been more than three years since the night shelter started. ONGC has already released funds for the lift, but the lift has not been installed yet. The organization running the night shelter has also written letters to the KGMU administration several times for this. Due to lack of lift, the attendants have to go to the upper floor by stairs. For this reason, attendants hesitate in taking rooms or beds on the upper floors.


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