Special instructions to Traffic Sub Inspectors to unclutter roads

Traffic Sub Inspector

Lucknow: Now a strict approach is being adopted to relieve people from the jam in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Special instructions have been issued to hold those responsible for stopping the jam accountable. In fact, traffic personnel posted at intersections do not take any action when there is traffic jam nearby. They only remain at the duty point, but now they have to keep an eye on the surrounding areas as well. During this time, if there is any traffic jam, we will have to reach the spot and take care of the situation. DCP Traffic has issued instructions to all Traffic Sub Inspectors (TSIs). Along with this, the duty point of 41 TSI has also been changed.

To improve the traffic system, DCP Traffic Salman Taj Patil has issued several written tips to the traffic personnel. Along with this, a warning has been given of strict action for negligence in duty. According to the instructions of DCP Traffic, now all the TSIs will also conduct surprise inspections on the roads around the duty points and remove randomly parked vehicles. TSI will also have to record it with bodyworn cameras. Apart from this, e-rickshaws, autos, tempos and buses will not be allowed to stop within 50 meters of intersections. At the same time, a meeting has also been held at the level of Divisional Commissioner to get rid of the problem of traffic jam.

Instructions to all TSI

During peak hours, we will be deployed at intersections and intersections from 9 to 11 in the morning and 5 to 8 in the evening to regulate traffic.

From time to time, we will take action by checking illegal stands, ditches and overloaded vehicles.

Before leaving the duty point, inform the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police and the control room.

Carts and stalls will not be allowed to be set up at intersections and intersections.


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